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Receive three months of FREE advertising!

Special introductory offer for all advertisers!

To celebrate the launching of, we are giving away to advertisers three months of free advertising!

It's very simple. Place an ad for three or more months and you will receive three additional months free!

But hurry, this offer is only for a limited time! The different types of ads are outlined below. Choose the one that's right for you and signup today!
(Tip: Placing a 3-month ad gives you roughly a 12% discount; 6-month ad, 20% discount; 12-month ad, 25% discount.)

Your typical text ad allows you a text description and basic contact information. The three different levels of text ads are Premier, Standard and Basic. An example of each ad and a description of what it offers is found below. A comparison chart can be found here, or click here to signup today!

  Premier Ad
A Premier ad gives you the most value for your money. In addition to the web and e-mail link available in a Standard Ad, you have the option to display a photo or logo with your ad as well. You also get a 425 character (approx. 75 words) text description and your ad is displayed the highest on search returns. To ensure greater visibility and catch the userís eye, a Premier ad is definitely the way to go!
Contact: John Doe Email:
Phone: (123) 456-7890 Web:
Premier Ad Pricing:  1 Month ($32)    3 Months ($85)    6 Months ($154)    12 Months ($288)

  Standard Ad
Your written text goes here. You are allowed more text than a Basic Ad, 350 characters (approx. 60 words), to describe your product or service. Another advantage is that you get a direct link to your web site and an e-mail link as an easy way for the user to contact you. Your ad also appears higher on a search return than a Basic Ad. A great value!
Contact: John Doe Phone: (123) 456-7890    
Email: Web:    
Standard Ad Pricing:  1 Month ($22)    3 Months ($58)    6 Months ($105)    12 Months ($198)

  Basic Ad
Your written text goes here. You can write whatever you want. Describe your product/service, refer them to your website, mention your email address. This is where you get creative. The amount of text you are limited to is 250 characters (approx. 40 words).
Contact: John Doe Phone: (123) 456-7890    
Basic Ad Pricing:  1 Month ($15)    3 Months ($40)    6 Months ($72)    12 Months ($135)

As an additional option, advertisers who place any level of Text Ad can choose to make their ad a Featured Ad as well. Featured Ads are displayed, on a random basis, on the home page of The cost to make your Text Ad a Featured Ad is outlined below.
Featured Ad Pricing:  1 Month ($45)    3 Months ($119)    6 Months ($216)    12 Months ($405)

Top Page banner
A Top of Page Banner is included on every page on They have a maximum size of 225 pixels wide and 85 pixels high and must be in GIF file format. They are displayed on a random rotation basis at the top of every page to the right of logo and can link to your website. The Top of Page Banners that appear are not specific to any ad searches. There are also no limits on the number impressions or clickthroughs.
Top-Page Banner Pricing:  1 Month ($90)    3 Months ($235)    6 Months ($430)    12 Months ($810)

Click here to take advantage of the special introductory offer and sign up today!



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